Read how it all started

Nina's Love of Americana

Americana in the broadest sense of the word. That's how I would describe my music myself. You could make it even more specific, but with the new album coming out, that's very difficult.
Over the past few years, I've been through the
New Folk Sounds called the "new Dutch country promise" and the Heaven already called my music "un-Dutch good. On this page you can read how it all started!

Meet the band

Nina Woerden

Vocals + Guitar

Lucas Beukers

Bass guitar + Vocals

Janos Koolen

Multi-instrumental + Vocal

Arthur Bont

Drums + Percussion + Vocals

A Taste of the Wild

During the period that we played so much live with each other, we became closer and closer. Our band really started to feel like a family, or at the very least a club of very good friends who also had a lot of fun making music together.

And so it came about that I started writing with them one by one on a new album that we were eager to release. This time really a project of the four of us: Janos, Arthur, Lucas, and me. While writing the lyrics I was working on different themes. Growing up, my femininity, nature, daring to feel all my emotions, regardless of my opinion about them. And those emotions lead to songs in all different shapes and sizes, which we figured out all together with the band musically.

We didn't really know how to describe it besides "americana.
until we came across a quote from Tony Rice:

'as soon as you become a diehard anything, be it jazz or bluegrass or whatever, you're depriving yourself of a whole world of music'

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