A Taste of the Wild, like Hummingbird, is a gem. The quality is worthy of American Americana and original music is produced in a delightful way. The best Dutch musicians participate on this record. NinaLynn's band consists of Arthur Bont on drums and percussion, Lucas Beukers on bass and Janos Kool on guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano and keys. Additional guest musicians include Onno Kuipers on accordion and Fay Lovsky with additional vocals.


- Orange Flag Music

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In the opening number Glistening the latter's accordion provides a typical folk sound toward the end, while the accordion in songs such as A taste of the wild more toward cajun. Wonder in her eyes and Harvest moon (not a Neil Young cover) are then again indebted to bluegrass and country. Some fine, hushed songs like BarefootEach woman (written with Gé Reinders) and From the bones enhance the varied sound of this compelling album, in which the powerful voice of Nina Lynn Woerden once again takes center stage. It can hardly be missed that this young singer is going to aim high with this new album. 

- Folk Forum

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Heaven Album of the Week in Week 15

Seemingly out of nowhere, Dutch singer-songwriter Nina Lynn surprised Woerden two years back with her debut album Hummingbird. That was no fluke, as the new A Taste Of The Wild proves, showing remarkable growth on all fronts and placing NinaLynn in the premier league of patriotic Americana.

- Heaven

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The album "Hummingbird" was already very beautiful but its successor "A Taste Of The Wild" is even more beautiful, in our opinion. This Dutch singer may hopefully look forward to a successful, perhaps international future that will undoubtedly produce many more handsome albums.

- Rootstime.be

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Hidden beneath the CD is a quote from Tony Rice on the cover that says a lot about the music on A Taste Of The Wild (Strictly Country Records) from NinaLynn. ''As soon as you become a diehard anything, be it jazz or bluegrass or whatever, you're depriving yourself of a whole world of music,'' said the American guitarist who himself is active in bluegrass, folk, Americana and jazz. Indeed, on her third album, the Dutch singer-songwriter does not limit herself to one style. So it is by no means strictly country. 


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A Taste Of The Wild is the second album by the phenomenal Dutch singer and songwriter NinaLynn, and it is at least as good as her debut Hummingbird. Folk, pop, Americana, jazz and even cajun. Like Joni Mitchell, she knows how to transform all those styles into something entirely her own. The band, led by Janos Koolen and assisted by Fay Lovsky, among others, plays the stars from heaven in a modest way. But what matters most are the songs and the mature lyrics. And that is thirteen times completely hit. Wonderful!

- Robbie Klanderman

Interview with Sugar Mountain Presents (Paradiso)

In 2021, NinaLynn's debut album "Hummingbird" throws high praise at quite a few Dutch fans of roots music. The album immediately topped the Euro Americana Chart, yet both Ninalynn and the record became something of a fan secret due to coronagraphs. With the new album 'A Taste of the Wild' she hopes to change that and Nina Woerden, as her real name is, shows growth and expansion. Between rehearsals and promotional work, she makes time to look back and forward. We start at the beginning: [...]

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- Eddie Aarts

A Taste Of The Wild, released this week, is a logical sequel to its rightly praised predecessor, but I like it even better. Musically, it's a feast this time as well, and Nina Woerden's vocals are once again superb, but it's the songs that show growth above all. NinaLynn shows on A Taste Of The Wild that she can cover a wide range of American roots music and makes a deep impression on me.

- The Currants From The Pop

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NinaLynn once again manages to convince on A Taste Of The Wild with a diverse-sounding album. Still, it could do with a little more sanding now and then but you always have to leave wishes for the future. Happy listening!

- The Music Shelf

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Immediately with the inventive, excitingly constructed opener Glistening I shot to the edge of my seat. Onno Kuipers' accordion playing not only gives song a distinct folk touch, but the instrument is also an enhancement to the music. Like the opener, Nina co-wrote with producer Koolen the uptempo The Wolf. The more subdued co-written with Arthur Bont If You Were an Ocean I immediately associated with singer-songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman. A smile on the face conjures the self-written title track. Goosebumps give me the subdued Barefoot, in which she plays very subtly with dynamics. This is the kind of song I like to hear her sing best. There are few singers who can touch me as much as Nina.

- Music That Needs Attention

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The widely acclaimed predecessor Hummingbird came about in collaboration with producer Janos Koolen, again the multi-string man and pianist provided the musical coloring together with Lukas Beukers and Arthur Bont who form the rhythm section. For the new album those musicians are again of the lot, on Taste Of The Wild the collaboration goes beyond musical accents into a real interaction. The trio was involved in composing and that results in a broadened, more adventurous approach that effortlessly transcends folkg boundaries in addition to the national borders of the Netherlands.

- Written in Music

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The opening number Glistening is a beautiful folky song. Beautifully instrumented including a lovely cajun accordion. The Wolf is uptempo after which If You Were An Ocean is understated, beautifully sung, a fine slide guitar and harmony vocals from Fay Lovsky. In the joyfully "hopping" title track A Taste Of The Wild late Onno Kuipers heard a delightful accordion solo. After the very subdued Barefoot it goes in Growing Pains firmer. Impressively beautiful is the heartfelt singing in the ballad Each Woman. [..]

A Taste Of The Wild' is a beautiful album by a fantastic singer. And the backing band is great too.  

- Bluestown Music

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[...] That results in partly very personal repertoire, ranging from an "angry" song like From The Bones and the sensitive beauty ballad Lilith, to Growing Pains or the upbeat title track. A Taste Of The Wild thus shows how she has grown as a songwriter. The album is less folky but more rootsy than its predecessor. For example, Wonder In Her Eyes is unadulterated bluegrass and Growing Pains leans toward country rock. But the album also definitely has the potential to appeal to more people than mere Americana purists. Whenever someone in Hilversum looks beyond the proverbial nose.

- Heaven Magazine, 4 stars

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