Singing class!

Do you love to sing, but still find it very exciting? Or do you not know how to sing cleanly? Or would you like to do more with your passion for singing? Then singing lessons might be something for you!

In the singing lessons I not only teach you the basic techniques for singing so that you learn to use your voice well, but we also search together for your own unique sound. Your wishes are always at the center of this. 

It is possible to take singing lessons with me in Uithoorn. This can be either every week or every other week.

Are you interested in a half-hour (free) trial lesson? Then send an email to or contact me through the contact page on this website. 


  • 10-ride card
    • 10×30 minutes of singing lessons €302.50
    • 10×60 minutes of singing lessons €423.50


Super teacher!!! It was a little scary at first but after a while that quickly went away. With Nina everything is nice and cozy, comfortable and educational! Recommend her 100%!❤️

- Elina

How special it is to experience singing lessons ... and certainly from Nina! 
After years of occasionally participating in project choirs, a message from Nina came along and I took the plunge.
Very nice to get tools to use my voice better and then dare to give more gas.
Never knew where you can all get sound from. We are a walking sound box 😀
Nina teaches very nicely in an approachable way, with a lot of feeling.
For me very beautiful to learn to use many emotions to sing with feeling. I am very much looking forward to the next lessons series!!! 
- Muriel

"I am super happy and more than satisfied with the singing lessons! With Nina I learn a lot of new things about singing techniques. Besides the knowledge that Nina has, she is also very patient, positive and there is just a very nice atmosphere during class. That is very nice for people who still find it a bit exciting! I really recommend it to everyone!"

- Claudia


I have been taking singing lessons from Nina for several months now and have learned an awful lot in this time. Everything in terms of breath support, and different techniques. When working on a song, we dive into the song so I can really "make it my own". I am impressed with her knowledge and teaching style. Nina's enthusiasm is contagious and she makes sure that you as a student enjoy going to lessons and leave satisfied and full of energy. 

- Mary

If you are a beginning singer or singer looking for a good teacher, I highly recommend Nina! She knows her stuff when it comes to vocal technique, she is super patient and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Nina's lessons are always tailored to her students' interests, so you can be sure you'll learn the skills you need to sing the kind of music you love. She has a good ear for different genres.

Nina is a top-notch teacher who is great with beginners. So if you are looking for someone who can help you get you started the right way I definitely recommend Nina!

- Ritchie

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