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Hummingbird is the outstanding debut from Dutch singer-songwriter NinaLynn. Usually un-Dutch good is a term we avoid, but the country folk on the co-produced with Janos Koolen Hummingbird is on all fronts of a class you don't find too often even in the United States.

- Heaven Magazine 

Album of the week in week 7, 2021

"This is a charming record. Production is varied and rich, and Nina's voice dares you to not fall in love with it. This is first rate Americana with a wink and a smile and banjos and fiddles and horns that dance over the bedrock of a spot on rhythm section. Many fine songs that weave between pop-folk, but one of my favorites is the haunting A BOLD YOUNG FARMER, which sounds like an authentic English Child ballad by way of Austin, Texas. Big thumbs up."

- Tim Grimm

"NinaLynn must be heard! Hummingbird is the best debut album I've heard in years. She is an amazing singer and a skillful, heartfelt songwriter. The music is beautifully produced and a perfect balance to the songs . It was over too soon. So...when's the second album coming out?!!!"

- Hugh Moffatt

"Hummingbird is the overwhelming debut of the very young Dutch singer NinaLynn, real name Nina Woerden. Ten songs of her own, moving into the territory where Americana, pop, folk and sometimes even swing jazz intersect. The songs, with standouts like Freebird and Head Over Heart, immediately nestle in your head, the production by multi-instrumentalist Janos Koolen, especially thanks to the guitar parts, is Buddy Miller-like and NinaLynn's voice is reminiscent of Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Taylor Swift and Norah Jones. Hummingbird is a record as mature as it is surprising." 

- Robbie Klanderman

"NinaLynn is considered the new Dutch country promise, but there is much more to be heard on Hummingbird than merely this genre. She also clearly has a love for folk songs, and with that she goes much broader than the abrupt delineation of what is called "country" in the Netherlands. [...] Hummingbird is an outstanding debut, and the resounding confirmation that we will undoubtedly hear more from this great talent."

- New Folk Sounds 

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"With an incredibly charming and appealing album, the Dutch NinaLynn exploded onto the European Roots scene. Besides an exuberant reception, it earned her a top listing in the unsurpassed EuroAmericana Chart. Every reason to give this album a good listen. [...] This debut album is surprisingly balanced and actually has a consistently high quality. It offers ten songs, a traditional and nine songs that flowed from the pen of Nina Woerden herself, sometimes as a co-write. [...] If Nina Woerden sharpens her songwriting a little more and manages to direct it even more to her strengths, NinaLynn will become a fixture in rootsland.

- The Next Gig

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"Il pregiudizio non lo nascondo: in prima battuta, quella copertina tra l'angelico e il kitsch non mi lasciava ben sperare e il retropensiero era che fossi stato punito dalla redazione di RootsHighway per qualche malefatta. Anche l'interno del booklet, ben curato graficamente, non dava segni di ripresa: la giovane protagonista è ritratta sorridente tra vedute bucoliche, probabilmente nella sua terra d'Olanda, dove Hummingbird è stato registrato lo scorso anno insieme a una manciata di bravi musicisti locali."

- Rootshighway

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"And so out of nowhere a new artist appears on the Dutch Americana / Country scene. NinaLynn from Uithoorn is the name and she hits the scene with her debut Hummingbird right birdie. With a host of professional musicians gathered, this album is as worthy of quality as the music from great America. [...] It is one of the sweet kind and that shuns Hummingbird not. NinaLynn's voice and musical coloring send these signals strongly. And that is not meant in a negative sense. On the contrary, the songs are strong, have a soul of their own and continue to reverberate for a long time. Pop-like or not, these are only good signs."

- Real Roots Cafe

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"A very strong Americana debut album from the still very young Dutch NinaLynn gave my Monday morning the right sound to start the day. The upbeat tunes and nostalgic sounds immediately put a smile on my face. The fact that I was a big fan of Taylor Swift in my younger(er) years might take care of that. Because NinaLynn has certainly been listening to that American beauty as well. [...] After this beautiful first album, it's especially looking forward to even more beauty from this singer. I can't wait!"

- Folkmagazine BE

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"Obviously I did not know Nina Woerden's music, but darn what this lady knows how to convince. Her music can be listened to as pure zest for life. On the traditional A Bold Young Farmer Moreover, she wrote the songs (mostly) herself. [...] When you put your heart and soul into something, the satisfying result comes naturally. This is undoubtedly what happened to this free bird, because Nina is completely absorbed in her role as musician and artist. Music, she describes, runs like a thread through her life. Not surprising when you listen to her and her album. " 

- Johnny's Garden

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"Good roots albums have long since ceased to be the preserve of American musicians. It is proven once again by the debut of Dutch singer-songwriter NinaLynn, who has delivered an album that outshines much of the national and international competition. Hummingbird was made with Dutch musicians and they too put in a top performance, because how beautiful and versatile this album sounds. Hummingbird is given some extra sparkle by NinaLynn's exceptionally beautiful voice and the strong songs written by the Dutch musician. What an asset to the genre." 

- The Currants from the Pop

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