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My Music

My music is perfect for every moment. Whether you are looking for touching ballads for the ceremony or catchy songs for the party, I will create the right atmosphere on your special day.

About Me

With my second studio album "A Taste of the Wild," I have already received high praise for my original songs and compelling performances. My Americana style combines elements of country, folk and blues into a unique sound that impresses time and time again.

For You

Performances tailored entirely to your needs! Together we work to create a unique and personalized experience. From the setlist to the atmosphere and style, I make sure my music is a perfect match for your special moment. Your vision is my priority, and I strive to tailor every detail to your expectations. Together, we make the performance an unforgettable moment!

Nina's music was the perfect touch for our perfect day

Nina made our ceremony even more special than it already was! We worked with her beforehand to choose the songs that suited us best. During the ceremony we didn't regret it for a second. Besides a beautiful voice, a great musical talent, she knew how to touch the right emotion on our special day with her rendition of the songs.

We are very grateful to Nina for this wonderful contribution!

Mara & Melissa Supervising ceremony

You really added a lot to the party. Your music helped create a nice, relaxed and festive atmosphere and was perfectly present as background music.

Thank you so much for this!

Davita & Constantin background music

Nina contributed with her beautiful voice and guitar playing to make our wedding day a great day with a nice atmosphere. She sang her own songs along with some songs we selected. You are the love" by Moon Nina sang during the wedding ceremony. So beautiful and touching! Thank you Nina!

Arnold & Suzanne Ceremony + drinks
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