I came into contact with Pieter Groenveld (Strictly Country Records) by chance at the end of 2018. We immediately had a musical click, and thanks to Pieter everything actually gained momentum. Together we recorded a demo album called 'Imaginations' in early 2019. Very simple and pure: everything recorded live with only acoustic guitar and vocals. On this CD there are both covers and our own songs. During the recording of these demos, and many times afterwards, I got to play on the 1968 Martin D-28 of Pieter's late wife: Liz Meyer. In the bluegrass world a well known name. I still find this so special and such a tremendous honor!

Later that year Pieter allowed me to support Americans who came to play music at the Oude Veiling in Aalsmeer. Tim and Jackson Grimm, Hugh Moffatt and Molly Tuttle. A dream come true, that I got to open the show for my musical heroes! I hope to be able to do that many more times in the future.

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