When I finished my studies in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam in early 2020, I really wanted to travel. The plan was to experience a bit of freedom and explore the world. Let myself be surprised by the unknown. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter we were faced with COVID-19, which put my plans on hold. The lockdown made me look at the concept of freedom very differently. This became an inspiration for many lyrics on my first studio album. 

In fact, because of the lockdown, I suddenly had a lot of time to think, and a lot of time to write songs. And suddenly there it was: the feeling that all the songs of an album are there. 

My debut album 'Hummingbird' saw the light of day on February 14, 2021. During the making of this album I met my great band: at first I hired them only as studio musicians with Janos Koolen as producer, but this clicked so well that we formed a band. And with this band we played live as much as we could in 2021 and 2022! 

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