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About this Website

This website is operated by NinaLynn. When you use NinaLynn's website and the products and services found on it, you leave information with us. In addition, the website leaves some types of cookies on your computer. These are used to make the website work better on your device. Below you can read what information NinaLynn may collect, why we do that and what we may do with that information. You can also read which cookies we use and why. This statement covers our entire website: this applies to visitors, but also for example when you sign up for a newsletter. 

About Cookies

In order for this website to function better and faster and to be able to adapt it to your preferences, certain data concerning your use of this website will be collected. This information can be collected by using so-called ‘cookies’. These are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer by the visited web page. You can disable the use of cookies via the settings of your browser. This, however, leads to a less good functioning website. Third parties can also place cookies and follow internet behavior, as is the case with for example embedded videos from YouTube. 

How do we get your information?

When you use the NinaLynn Web site, you sometimes leave personal information with us. The following are some of the ways in which you do this: navigating the site;filling out forms;signing up for a newsletter;purchasing merchandise.

What do we do with your data?

NinaLynn stores and processes your data for the following purposes: Collecting and analyzing statistics in order to optimize the website;Delivering the products and services you purchase from us;Settling payments;Building a contact history;Delivering newsletters if you have consented;Reaching out to you on Facebook (if approved) and to be more accurate in measuring and reporting. 

How do we secure your data?

Your data is stored and transmitted securely. Anyone who has nothing to do with your information simply cannot access it. NinaLynn strives to store and transmit your information using the latest security techniques and encryption methods. NinaLynn handles personal information confidentially. We will never sell your information to other parties. 
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