Wandering around by the waterside

See the sails dancing in your eyes

Joking about all the folks that we see on the way


Crossing the bridge to the other side

Time it passes by and by

We sit on the edge of a quay that’s blossoming life


Children play

Fishermen setting their sails

With the changing tides

In Conwy bay


Travelin on from Conwy’s sights

Hiking the mountains for miles and miles

We still are lost but we’ve found that’s just our way to live


Out of place

Like fishermen setting our sails

With the changing tides

In Conwy bay


So high up in the clouds 

We were walking on the edge of the universe

But we have fallen down 

And got tangled in the chasm of silence

We’re back on the edge of the quay

But it’s cold and so quiet

It’s not in the words that you speak

But what’s lingering behind it


Recall the kids play

Now we’re both sailing away

From the changing tides 

In Conwy bay

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